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Recycled / Reclaimed Wood

Recycled wood or timber recycling is the process where unwanted/ used timber is turned into usable products, in our case. furniture products. This particular practice is the most common in New Zealand and Australia. So take pride kiwis! 

Benefits of using recycled furniture:

You guessed it right! It is the most eco-friendliest way of timber production. Say Hi to that zero-waste sustainable lifestyle by using recycled furniture to decorate your home. 

The timber used in some of our products come from old buildings and bridges and is aged approximately 60 years old. 

Using recycled wood gives a very rustic and vintage look to the products making them an elegant feature of your homes. 

Reclaimed wood comes with a story to every piece which makes them unique and one of a kind. 

Types of reclaimed wood in our furniture pieces:

Elm Wood - Elm wood comes from elm trees which are deciduous, meaning they change colour and shed their leaves. Elm wood comes in two types; hard and soft elm. Our furniture items are made of 

Teak Wood - One of the best type of wood to be used in furniture making, Teak wood is known for it's natural durability, decay resistance and dimensional stability. 

Mango Wood - An excellent type for making outdoor furnitures, mango wood has high water resistance and high durability.

Acacia Wood - A perfect wood to give a warm and elegant touch to your home, Acacia wood gives out a deep brown colour with the benefit of being non-stretchy and highly durable. It also has a high resistance to fungus. 

Pine Wood - A well-known light weight wood, Pine resists swelling and shrinking. It gives out a natural aesthetic vibe and is a very reliable renewable source along with having a high resistance to rot and decay.

Suar Wood - A look-alike to Teak, Suar wood is known for it's durability and beauty. It gives out a rich dark chocolate colour along with being very affordable and sustainable. 

Russian Pine Wood - With a fine grain texture, Russian Pine Wood is known for being heavy, compact and durable. This pine wood is the strongest among the pine family. 

Combination Wood - When antique pieces are restored to life, our suppliers often use a combination of wood that includes Russian Pine wood, Fir wood, Cyprus wood and Elm wood.

Note: Recycled Wood Furniture may have knots, timber plugs, nail holes, etc