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Meliso Day and Night Blind

Meliso Blinds, exclusively available through Impulse Blinds in New Zealand, offer a unique blend of classic fabric shades with innovative light control features. Using a simple cord, the textured fabric smoothly transitions from folded layers to open vanes, allowing for a softened outside view through the sheer backing.

These modern blinds are carefully crafted, combining the functionality of Roller Blinds with the sophisticated appearance of Roman Blinds when raised. When fully extended, they showcase horizontal stripes, a distinctive design element created by their fabric, resembling Roller Blinds. However, when lowered, they elegantly resemble Roman Blinds, adding a touch of sheer elegance to your space.

With Meliso Blinds, available exclusively through Impulse Blinds, you can enjoy the best of both worlds—a practical yet stylish window treatment option that brings a fresh and contemporary look to any room. 



Meliso Day & Night Blinds

Meliso Day & Night Blinds

Here's how Meliso blinds can be used in different room areas and various settings:

Bedrooms: Privacy and Light Control: Meliso blinds, with their ability to transform from contoured folds to opened vanes, offer excellent privacy and precise light control in bedrooms. The blackout variant ensures complete darkness for restful sleep, while the translucent option gently filters natural light for a softer ambiance.

Living Rooms: Aesthetic Appeal: In living rooms, Meliso blinds add a touch of sophistication and style with their modern design and textured fabric. The ability to adjust the vanes allows for customizable light levels, creating an inviting atmosphere for relaxation or entertaining guests.

Home Offices: Glare Reduction and Productivity: Meliso blinds are perfect for home offices, where reducing glare from sunlight is essential for productivity. The sunscreen variant offers UV protection and glare reduction while maintaining outward visibility, ensuring a comfortable and conducive work environment.

Kitchen and Dining Areas: Ambiance and Practicality: Meliso blinds bring a contemporary look to kitchen and dining areas, combining practicality with elegance. The horizontal stripes, signature to Melisso blinds, add a touch of sophistication, while the sheer backing allows for a softened outside view, creating a welcoming atmosphere for meals and gatherings. 

Overall, Meliso blinds offer versatility and functionality, making them suitable for various room areas and settings. Whether it's creating a cozy ambiance in bedrooms, enhancing productivity in home offices, or adding a touch of elegance to living spaces, Melisso blinds provide the perfect balance of style and practicality for any room in your home.